Are your commercial restrooms, break-rooms, entryways, and or facilities fully functional, durable and most importantly, ADA compliant? Whether you are looking for maintenance or a complete renovation, your facility should reflect your company’s standards. Renovations can provide many benefits that include:

  • Improved Hygiene: Between no-touch plumbing fixtures and dispensers, waterless urinals, and seamless epoxy flooring there are many different options that can enhance the hygiene of your buildings’ restroom.
  • Increased Water Savings: Replacing the bowl and flush valve of the flushometer valve toilets.
  • Offering Easier Access to Staff and Clients: We will make sure your restroom meets all local, state, and federal laws for customers and employees.
  • Energy Savings: We can bring your facility up to energy saving standards with energy-efficient appliances and lighting. All designed to reduce energy use and save money over an extended period of time.
  • First Impressions: We offer complete redesign and renovations for your entryways so that your visitors get the best first impression when visiting your facility or property.